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Our mission

Green Valleys is Brighton based real honey company.

We are not just selling the honey- we are Beekeepers and have our own apiaries dotted around beautiful areas of East and West Sussex. We also specialise in selling wide variety or honey sourced from our beekeeping friends in sustainable regions across the world.

Our hope is that these backyard hives will facilitate a dialogue among neighbours, friends, family and the community at large about the huge importance of bees.


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Acacia honey In a liquid form has a light straw to light green colour, sometimes it can even be colourless, therefore it is regarded the lightest of all the honey types. After crys

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Rosemary honey​  is a very mild and pleasant herb flower honey, it has a very soft taste of rosemary flowers and a light, uplifting creaminess. It comes from bees feeding on sma

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Green valleys provides most of my delicious and nutritious gifts on any occasion as well as furnishing my own larder with amazing honey and my home with beautiful long lasting beeswax candles. I have to discipline myself not to spend all my time and money there. All very good value too and the proprietor and staff are delightful and passionate about bees - and honey too. The variety and quality are also astounding. Thanks Chris and family!
Julia Customer
We've been getting our honey from Chris for a long time as we're always welcomed with a big smile, an informative chat on all there is to know about honey & it's blooming delicious! We've just enjoyed the delicious honey from your own hive & it was the best yet! Thanks Chris:)
Cara Customer
Bought some raspberry honey today absolutely delicious. It's hard to stop myself eating by the spoonful straight from the jar!
Sophie Customer
The biggest range of honey for miles & miles! There are so many to chose from, but I recommend the Leatherwood or Royal Jelly honeys. A good place to pick up propolis & bee pollen too!
Katie Customer

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