About Us


We are a family owned business with HQ and real honey shop based in the heart of Brighton’s Open Market.

We specialise in sales and distribution of honey and honey based products which have been sourced from sustainable regions across the world.

As well as distributing the honey from various regions we keep local hives which allows us to offer our customers fresh seasonal honey harvested from the surrounding area.

The most important thing about our honey range is that it has not been heated, blended or processed. The enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and aromatics are in the same condition as they were in the hive. You can’t ask for more natural product than that.


The health, beauty and medicinal benefits of honey and honey based products can appeal to a wide range of customer profiles.

Our soon to launch honey based skin care line will definitely draw attention of those interested in anti-aging, natural products.

Our customers have come to expect a unique and varied selection of honeys, coupled with a high level of personal service which reflects in an excellent feedback and recommendations.

Our beekeeping passion extends to photography and daily bee life watching and documenting.

We share our ideas, advice, new products launches, events and updates on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our blog here.

We are always happy to answer all of your burning (or shall we say stinging?) questions, so don’t be shy, follow us and drop us a line.

Kris, The Honey Man (yes, that’s him the bearded beekeeping guru in this photo) is running our shop in Brighton’s Open Market.

He is Brighton’s favourite bee expert and has  featured in local papers and radio sharing his passion.

He loves an “all things bees and honey” chat- so come see us in our shop! We have the entire online honey range available in shop and you can taste them too.

See you soon.


bee keeper

Kris, an owner and our expert beekeeper started Green Valleys in 2010 with one bee hive and a lot of passion for the business.

In his free time Kris documents bee life through photography and spends time sharing his knowledge and passions with beekeepers around the world via social media

brainstorming ideas for new products in the Green Valleys line earning him the nickname ‘The Honey Man’ which is known to many in Sussex.